Top British rally expert to train officials ahead of 2019 WRC Candidate Event Safari Rally

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6th Jun, 2019 05:06:13

    Nairobi, June 6, 2019---Sue Sanders, a top global training expert on safety for the FIA will be in Nairobi to conduct seminar for marshals and top officials who will officiate the 2019 WRC Candidate Event Safari Rally, the event’s clerk of course Gurvir Bhabra has announced.

    Sanders, also the training manager of Motor Sports Association United Kingdom, will hold the three days training seminar from June 19 to 21 for top rally officials who will be expected to impart and put to practice this expertise in the Safari.

    The FIA and WRC Promoter have put premium attention on safety of competitors and spectators. She will pay attention on decision making, communication, contingency planning.

    Sanders conducted detailed training for motorsport officials from the East African region two years ago in Kigali Rwanda including Kenyans but this is the first time she will be in Kenya.

    In Rwanda she dealt in details on incidents management process involving drivers and spectators and how to use proper communication skills to make an international event successful.

    Early this week the WRC Promoter experts Briton Iain Campbell and Jarmo Lehtinen of Finland spent a week going through the 2019 WRC Candidate Event Safari rally and reviewed proposed itinerary for the 2020 fully fledged World Rally Championship Safari Rally in Nairobi, Nakuru and Baringo.

    Campbell who is also the clerk-of-course for WRC Welsh Rally GB said they were impressed with the rally route that has been reviewed and made tighter and tougher to test drivers’ skills.

    Lehtinen, co driver for former world championship driver Mikko Hirvonen with 15 WRC victories under his belt, said modern day WRC cars are extremely fast and drivers fabulously talented. When left on the lose, they will comfortably take sweeping corners sideways on sixth gear in speeds exceeding 160kph. Both need to be tamed in Kenya.

    The Safari will be observed by many foreign experts from the FIA including the safety delegate Michelle Mouton, third in 1983 WRC Safari. She was here in April and drove through the route where she suggested changes to make it tougher for drivers.

    “Just en sure to organize the best Africa Championship Safari Rally ever in July,”said Lehtinen. They will be back during the Safari week which begins on July 2 2019.

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