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As the WRC Promoter plans to produce 25 to 30 Live coverage of 2020 Safari Rally,

Notable milestones of the Safari are;

· 1: With Alex Noon, a famous aviator at the time and Eric Cecil flew and gave the first LIVE air to ground commentaries through (Kenya Army) Forces Broadcasting Services in Nairobi (call and wireless).

· Competition by price into four categories of entries on the basis that “you got what you paid for.”

· Competition numbers on the roof of the vehicles so that they could be identified from the air.

· Cecil was conscious that competing in rallies costs money and many could not afford even the relatively small cost of that time. To help solve this problem, Cecil requested the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) in England, governing body of motorsport in East Africa, to be allowed advertising on competing vehicles. The request was denied but on subsequent telephone conversation chairman to chairman, Eric Cecil emphasised the need for some assistance and went ahead of his own accord.

· In 1980-92 Philip Morris, the manufacturers of Marlboro Cigarettes became the first fully title sponsor of the Safari Rally.

In November 1 2017 the Kenya Government through Gazette Notice Number 181 legalised the WRC Safari Rally Project to return the Safari Back in the WRC by 2020.

· In 2018 Kenya formally applied and was granted rights by the WRC Promoter to return in the World Rally Championship since 2002. The Promoter’s Agreement was signed in Paris, France by the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage Peter Kaberia and WRC Promoter Managing Director Oliver Ciesla in the presence of the President of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Jean Todt on June 21.

In July 17-19 Kenya hosted a successful FIA Candidate Event.

In September 27 2019 the FIA returned the Safari Rally in the World Rally Championship.


Briton confirms for Safari as 21 drivers sign up ahead of the next month’s event

United Kingdom’s John Lloyd has joined the growing list of foreigners entered for Safari Rally Kenya 2019 slated for next….

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Appointment of the Safari Rally CEO in FIA Commission

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